How to Avoid Costly Air Duct Repairs

For every home, an air duct is considered very important. This is because it can give out quality air that is designed to either cool down or heat up the space. Nowadays, with the unpredictable weather, it is almost impossible to have it controlled without the help of technologies or appliances. Technologies in turn help houses to have controlled temperatures and for the weather to be bearable for people.

Houses are meant for rest, and it is almost impossible to rest in a place that is either too hot or too cold. That is why air ducts are so important because it helps control the temperature in the house. However, like any other household appliance, an air duct should be maintained if you want it to last long. Fortunately, there are professional appliance repair experts like APX Electrician of Tallahassee that can surely help you. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your air duct to avoid costly repairs.

1. Contact Cleaning

This method of cleaning the air ducts would require you to use a vacuum when cleaning the air duct. It is very effective in getting dirt, dust, and debris from inside the air duct. It is important to get these out of the system because it could lead to potential problems and that would require repairs to fix those problems.

2. Using Long Nose Vacuum

Another tip when using this method is to get one with a long nose. A vacuum with a longer nose would be helpful in cleaning the air ducts because it would be able to reach more areas within the system and ensure a clean air duct.

3. Air sweep cleaning

This method also uses a vacuum, but it is a larger vacuum and has the help of compressed air. This could be more effective than contact cleaning because the presence of the compressed air would help in separating dirt, dust, and debris from the walls of the ductwork. Also, the larger vacuum will be able to get more air particles from the air duct which gives a deeper clean to the air duct. This also may be a more costly method than using an ordinary vacuum, but it will be a deeper clean than the contact cleaning method.

It is also more time consuming so if you have the time to do this than it is suggested that you do. However, the contact cleaning method will do just fine if you do not have the materials to carry out this method.

4. Mechanical Brush Cleaning

This method also uses a vacuum like the two methods above, but in addition to that, it utilizes a rotary brush. A rotary brush is a mechanical brush that would aid in a deeper clean of the air ducts. This would be able to target the stubborn dirt that would not be cleaned by the methods above. This is the most effective method amongst the three methods of cleaning air ducts, but it is also the most time consuming because of the amount of work done in this method.

Steps to Avoid Untimely Aircon Repair Which You Can Apply to Any Appliance

We all know that an air conditioning system is one of the most important appliances a house should have, most especially for tropical countries. The moment it is too hot outside, it affects the temperature inside an enclosed space. It makes it hotter than it is inside an enclosed space because of the humidity in the air. Houses are good examples of those enclosed spaces that are affected by the high temperature outside. Air conditioning units are the appliances that help cool down enclosed spaces like houses and buildings which make working or resting more bearable in contrast to the hot weather outdoors.

However, like any appliance, it may encounter some problems that would lead to repairs and in that case, you may need to call in a professional for a reliable appliance repair. Here are some easy tips to follow in order to prevent your air conditioner from getting damaged.

1. Duct Leak Sealing

The first tip would be to seal any duct leak that you may find on the unit. It is important to seal off any leaks found on the unit because a leak would just get bigger and bigger if not sealed and that would become a bigger problem than it already is. However, if you can seal it off before it gets worse, then you would be able to prevent a problem that could have happened should you not have sealed the leak.

The leaks would also make the unit work harder than it already has to and overworking the machine leads to problems. Make sure to call a professional if you do not know how to seal a leak to avoid costly repairs.

2. Regularly Clean or Change Your Filter

Another tip would be to change the filter regularly. It is important to change the filter because the filter is responsible for the proper airflow of the unit. Without proper airflow, the air conditioning unit would have to work twice as hard as it should which would make for problems in the future. Regularly changing and cleaning the filter would help reduce the power output of your unit. It also would be releasing dirty air because the clogged filter would not be able to filter the dirty air into the clean air which would make you be breathing in dirty air particles that would be bad for your health.

3. Clean the AC coils Regularly

Also, the coils of the air conditioning unit should also be cleaned regularly to avoid repairs. This part of the aircon would accumulate a lot of dirt which could lead to a problem if left alone. The dirt would start to insulate the coils which will inhibit it to absorb heat which is essential for the unit to cool down the area in which it is placed. Always make sure to check the coil because you may have overlooked it because it is located at the back of the unit or in some cases, outdoors. Basic maintenance of the aircon is essential to prevent air conditioning repair.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Smart Home Appliances

With some appliances nowadays, able to send your photos of what is inside the fridge, alert you to any leak, or play your favorite music while you cook your lunch, they actually have the ability to make your life even easier and more convenient than ever. However, with all of these going on, there should also be some disadvantages – ones that may only bring worse situations. Prior to investing in the smart home appliances, you need to weigh and consider the advantages and disadvantages so that you can make the decisions if it is indeed the wiser choice for you to make. You can also do this much better if you contact professional and reliable Appliance Repair Associates.

Smart Refrigerator


Refrigerators become smarter each year with the latest versions which even help you keep in touch with your friends and assist you with your grocery shopping. The latest versions of smart refrigerators are the ones that do all of these things. These smart refrigerators come with touchscreens which are similar to tablets. As a matter of fact, they let you do almost all things which the tablet can such as controlling the temperature and humidity settings of your fridge. On the display, you may set your family calendar, display your favorite photos and type in reminders and notes. Some models also include cameras and speakers, allowing the fridge to play music and take photos whenever you close the door. These photos allow you to see the inside part of the fridge on your smart phone, or allow your husband or wife know where the catsup is without having to open the door or find it elsewhere. With some brands, you can even order or purchase grocery shopping from a local store.


The first disadvantage is that these smart fridges are significantly very costly compared to the traditional ones. Repairs for these smart fridges are also very expensive. With Wi-Fi capability, smart fridges can sometimes become infected with viruses or be hacked and this simply means that your social media or email or anything that you have given access to, could be at high risk. The other problem with these extra aspects is that, a year or two, a lot of models do not continue security updates as they improve the newest fridge and divert their focus to it. In addition to that, this not just makes it vulnerable to attacks or viruses but also, can get rid of the access to any features and services which were being offered during your purchase.

Smart Washers and Dryers


Smart washers and dryers can be linked to the control hub of your home that means, you will have more control with it without going to the garage or laundry room. Water and power efficiency are superior with your new smart version of washers and dryers.


Smart washers and dryers are in their starting stages and some owners have been suffering a lot of glitches and factory errors with the apps, connectivity as well as home hubs.